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Service Corporation International First in Industry to Partner With J.D. Power and Associates

Customer Satisfaction Metrics Applied to Funeral Homes and Cemeteries in New


HOUSTON, April 14 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Service Corporation International (NYSE: SCI), the world's largest owner of funeral homes and cemeteries, has partnered with global marketing research giant J.D. Power and Associates to understand what makes the Baby Boom generation tick. This notoriously demanding and unconventional generation is now making final arrangements for their parents -- as well as planning in advance for their own celebration of life -- and SCI believes extensive customer satisfaction metrics are essential to helping the Company meet this group's needs. At the same time, the data will provide additional insight into the diverse cultures and generations who utilize SCI's services.

"Though consumer surveys are more often associated with auto makers and the like, we have found that a professional survey is often the best way to measure the performance of businesses that provide services," said SCI President and CEO Tom Ryan. "By partnering with J.D. Power and Associates, SCI is emulating many progressive companies who believe this well-known research firm is one of the best ways to gain extensive data regarding customer preferences. We anticipate the survey findings will benefit consumers and our industry as a whole, while greatly augmenting our own knowledge of how to best assist those who come to us in need," added Ryan.

The J.D. Power and Associates survey represents the second generation of SCI's quest for customer metrics. SCI launched its first customer survey in 2000, which made it one of the first in a slow-to-change industry to use professional survey methods. The move to a partnership with J.D. Power and Associates is in keeping with the Company's interest in obtaining extensive customer metrics to help them meet the needs of today's families. This focus has been driven by the Boomer generation, which has shown less interest in polished caskets and engraved markers, and more concern in celebrating the lives of loved ones with unique end-of-life events.

"SCI has stated that they intend to re-invent this category. Our work with SCI (a first for this industry), should allow them to understand their performance across the families they serve, and provide a road-map to improved customer satisfaction and stronger customer loyalty," said George Owens, Director at J.D. Power and Associates.

"Good companies take care of their customers. This is accomplished by refining what a positive customer experience is and developing processes that address the execution of this goal, something that has long been a Company objective and is a primary reason for our continued success," said Ryan.

J.D. Power and Associates has a 36-year history of helping companies improve the quality of consumer goods and services. The research firm conducts more than 350 major tracking studies each year for some of the world's largest companies, including numerous Fortune 500 firms. A staff of more than 600 associates conducts quality and customer satisfaction research across a variety of industries including automotive, commercial vehicles, telecommunications, travel, real estate, finance, marine, healthcare, utilities, sports, retailing, office products, and professional services. J.D. Power and Associates is a business unit of The McGraw-Hill Companies (NYSE: MHP).

Service Corporation International, headquartered in Houston, Texas, is the leading provider of funeral and cemetery services in the world. We have an extensive network of businesses including 1,190 funeral service locations and 390 cemeteries in North America as of December 31, 2004. For more information about Service Corporation International, please visit our website at .

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